3D printed spinal and orthopedics implants

We are a manufacturer of the orthopedic titanium implants, extended by designing and constructing in collaboration with leading experts in this field, using innovative and high quality industrial 3D printing technologies. 

Simple And Effective Instruments

In cooperation with surgeons, we optimized the design of implants and its instruments. The greatest emphasis was placed on simplicity and quality of each tool.

Premium Quality Products

All of our titanium spinal cages are CE marked. Our company is ISO 13485 certificated producer with high internal quality standarts. All of our processes are regularly inspected to ensure their perfection.

Exceptional Titanium Alloy

EOS Titanium Ti64ELI is a titanium alloy powder with excellent mechanical properties and corrosion resistance combined with low specific weight and biocompatibility.

Spinal implants

Cervical cage

Cervical implants are devices surgeons use to decompress and stabilize the spine. These devices are implanted either from the front of the spine, or from the back.

Posterior lumbar interbody fusion cage

The PLIF achieves spinal fusion in the low back by inserting a cage made of either allograft bone or synthetic material (titanium) directly into the disc space.

Transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion cage

Spinal fusion (such as a TLIF) is a surgical technique to stabilize the spinal vertebra and the disc or shock absorber between the vertebra.

Individual implants

Our company also offer production of individual implants on demand regarding cranioplasty, prostheses and oral maxillofacial implants.

Step by step....


The titanium prosthesis does not need to be replaces because it is resistant and osseointegrable

Perfect fit

Personalized prosthesis that fits accurately in areas of bone loss. Perfect fit is achieved


Titanium has the property of osseointegration, blending into the bone tissue over time


It provides tissue adherence that accelerates the healing process postoperatively


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