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Lumbar Implants

BMD Titanium TLIF Implant ®

Lumbar interbody implant BMD Titanium TLIF Implant ® is an implantable device of different footprints designed for interbody lumbar spine fixation. The device is intended to provide mechanical support to the implanted level until biologic fusion is achieved. Spinal fusion (such as a TLIF) is a surgical technique to stabilize the spinal vertebra and the disc or shock absorber between the vertebra.
- Produced using 3D printing technology DMLS ( Direct metal laser sintering )
- Inner and surface structure with optimal size 700μm and larger
- Structure of implant ensure plunging into vertebra resulting in maximum stability and speed of fusion
- Structure of implant and micro porosity of 3D printed cage is maximally supporting osteointegration
- Range includes 54 size types ( 11 different heights - 7 to 15mm and two different angles of lordosis 4°,8°)