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3D printing Technology

Similary a large variety of modern tools for simple and minimal invasive cage insertion was designed. The latest 3D printing technology DMSL (Direct Metal Laser Sintering) is used in production. Global Biomedica has invested in the latest technologies and follows the latest scientific knowledge, reaching its main goal, to relieve patients, to minimize the risk of complications and to return patients to a happy and active life as quickly as possible.


Property BMD Titanium Implant ® is particularly outstanding when compared to the widely used PEEK implants (poly-ether-ether-ketone). Along with the reinforced outer implant construction, it provides excellent mechanical properties and stability. There is a wide range of products for ACIF, PLIF and TLIF fusion in many sizes. Structure of BMD Titanium Implant ® helps to determine the position of the implant during X-Ray revision and provides great visibility of ongoing fusion after surgery.