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Lumbar Implants

BMD Titanium PLIF GW Implant ®

Lumbar interbody implant BMD Titanium PLIF GW Implant ® is an implantable device of different footprints designed for interbody lumbar spine fixation. The device is intended to provide mechanical support to the implanted level until biologic fusion is achieved.
- Produced using 3D printing technology DMLS ( Direct metal laser sintering )
- Designed with an internal open space for diverse use by the surgeon
- Inner and surface structure with optimal size 700μm and larger
- Structure of implant ensure plunging into vertebra resulting in maximum stability and speed of fusion
- Structure of implant and micro porosity of 3D printed cage is maximally supporting osteointegration
- Range includes 99 size types ( 11 different heights - 7 to 17mm and different angles of lordosis 4°,8°,12°,16°,20°)